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Overview GSA

Instrumental's professional services are designed to maximize performance and the return on investment of your computing resources.

Instrumental addresses the most complex IT challenges with Professional Services support for:

  • Defining user requirements and capacity projections
  • Performance analysis and optimization across the architecture including storage and backup, visualization, networking and applications
  • Technology forecasting
  • Business continuity
  • Systems architecture, design, integration and deployment
  • Benchmark development, execution, analysis and optimization

We provide technology services to the high performance computing (HPC) and data storage markets. With a heritage in the supercomputer marketplace, the company has played a key role in designing and maintaining some of the most critical systems in the industry.

Our heritage in HPC dates back to such companies as Control Data Corporation, IBM and Cray Research. Our consultants combine over 325 years of HPC experience and we hire only the best in the field.

Instrumental is vendor independent and does not resell any hardware or software. As a result, Instrumental can analyze each customer without biases toward any products. Our approach is simple: we leverage our knowledge of industry leading technology manufacturers and implement a world-class solution for each customer. Our thorough understanding of our customers' business goals coupled with an in-depth knowledge of technology capabilities guarantees the success of each project.

Instrumental has a single vision that is at the very center of all that we do:

"At Instrumental, we are dedicated to delivering excellence and innovation in HPC environments, setting the standard for customer satisfaction, technology, financial performance and quality in all that we do."

We accomplish this vision by providing unmatched committment, experience, and expertise.

We are an SBA "small business" and our services are available on GSA Information Technology Schedule (Contract GS-35F-0219L).