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PDF Exports 02
Introducing PDF report exports

Instrumental users now have the ability to export PDF issue reports on demand. Use these reports to communicate about important defects, provide status updates, and more!

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WFH Girl
Work from home tips for engineers that build things

Top remote work tips for mechanical engineers and other manufacturers impacted by COVID-19 – from the ideal CAD setup to getting eyes on your factory line.

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Lucky PCB 2
The data that takes the luck out of EVT, DVT, & PVT

During development, discovering issues and closing the failure analysis loop often relies on luck. Instrumental takes luck out of the equation by getting engineers the data they need when they need it.

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Best Practices: Use Alerts to catch process shift in production

In order to catch shift as it happens, Instrumental created Alerts. Alerts send you email notifications when either defect rates or intercept rates spike over a custom threshold.

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Control Panel Blog Hero
Best Practices: Maintain Control of your Production Yield with Control Panel

Specifically designed for high volume or mission-critical production environments, Control Panel aggregates failures from all Instrumental Stations, intelligently ranks trends based on severity, and displays actionable data at decision-making resolution.

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10 waste hero
Manufacturing Wastes 10% Of The GWP Every Year. Here’s Why.

Scrap, rework, and slow failure analysis loops are just the beginning of the manufacturing waste caused by inefficiencies – and Industry 4.0 alone doesn't solve it.

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Circuit board
Top 10 Production Defects

Access never-before-seen data on top defect types and defect rates from real production environments – a must see for engineering, quality, and operations leaders responsible for NPI, yield, and quality.

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Motorola Blog Hero 16X9
Case Study: Motorola Accelerates Product Maturity During Development

Motorola sees significant efficiency gains by implementing Instrumental on its entire line of mobile phones.

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