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The four reliability tests you need to know

A quick rundown of the types of tests you should consider when designing your reliability test process. 

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Three ways reliability tests can come up short

Reliability testing trips up even the best engineers and companies. Read on for some best practices for setting up a great test plan.

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Spend your quality dollars in development to reap the rewards in production

There’s a common misperception that quality dollars should be spent to improve the mass production process. After all, the design is locked and those units will end up in customer hands, right?

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Cure your glue headaches with these best practices

Glue sounds like a great option to fasten two parts together, right? There’s just one problem: glue process control is really hard.

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To DOE or not to DOE: The Do’s and Don’ts of troubleshooting manufacturing problems

A tech company was struggling to release its latest product, so engineers initiated a DOE.

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Inspection 101: Defining your measurement plan

You’ve drafted your drawing and completed your tolerance stacks. But there’s one more key step: you need to formulate an inspection plan.

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Serialize your units or be left without a trace

Traceability is a place where many companies cut corners in favor of the many other challenges involved in bringing a physical product to market, and they do so at great peril. The simplest (and most powerful!) form of traceability is assigning individual serial numbers to each individual unit, known as serialization.

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The Shedletsky Test: 12 steps to better hardware development

What are the elements of a good hardware development process?

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