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Case Study: Motorola Accelerates Product Maturity During Development

Motorola sees significant efficiency gains by implementing Instrumental on its entire line of mobile phones.

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Case Study: August Home locks down quality with Instrumental

Find out how the August Home team eliminated dark yield issues during development to support better production.

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Automating intelligence: machine learning and the future of manufacturing

Buzzwords don't matter, better outcomes do. Watch Anna's talk at DAC 2018 on how manufacturers and brands can get better outcomes today, with a detailed customer example.

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Case Study: Withings Takes Efficiency to the Next Level with Instrumental

Withings teams up with Instrumental to speed through development and delight customers with their new sleep tracker.

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Case Study: FLIR® Supercharges Development of New Generation Thermal Cameras

FLIR works with Instrumental to enhance product quality and bring a new factory up to mass production.

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Case Study: Light Focuses on the Details with Instrumental

Light uses the Instrumental System to deliver exceptional quality on their flagship L16 camera, despite a factory shakeup.

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Instrumental Hardware Development Stories: November 2017

Over the last month, three customers found significant value by using Instrumental in very different ways.

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Fortune 500 company uses Instrumental to ship in time for Christmas

Missing a new product’s launch date is every hardware company’s nightmare—from the executives to the engineers monitoring the assembly line. No matter how experienced the team you’ve assembled, there are bound to be issues that arise—and having the best failure analysis tools can be the difference between salvaging a tough situation and missing Christmas.

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