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Listen to your customers: leverage TWR data to build better products

Here's how to tap into an under-utilized source of data that can increase margins in the short term and yield learnings for the long term.

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Why Industrial IOT is usually a disappointment and how to fix it

With the bombardment of marketing and use cases about Industrial IOT products, it’s easy to think that Industry 4.0 has arrived and is within reach. Why then, does it feel like such a disappointment?

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Automating intelligence: machine learning and the future of manufacturing

Buzzwords don't matter, better outcomes do. Watch Anna's talk at DAC 2018 on how manufacturers and brands can get better outcomes today, with a detailed customer example.

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Announcing Instrumental Measure: Measure whatever, from wherever, whenever

Instrumental Measure, measurements on the assembly line without trade-offs.

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The keys to productivity with assembly line images

In manufacturing, It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words - and often hours or days. At Instrumental, we’re building an intelligent factory quality system to modernize manufacturing. 

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Designing your manufacturing data strategy

Having the right data is crucial to keeping yields high and manufacturing schedules on track. In this post, we’ll cover the questions you should consider when designing a strategy to collect the data that keeps your team productive.

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