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Case Study: Motorola Accelerates Product Maturity During Development

Motorola sees significant efficiency gains by implementing Instrumental on its entire line of mobile phones.

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Listen to your customers: leverage TWR data to build better products

Here's how to tap into an under-utilized source of data that can increase margins in the short term and yield learnings for the long term.

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Instrumental Hardware Omnibus 2017

Top ten Instrumental articles for hardware folks from 2017.

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Glitter iPhone case leaks caused by glue process issues

Sealed products are very difficult to get right. When we heard that 19 people suffered serious scarring from the leaks, we got a few to investigate.

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Out of control! Nintendo Switch controller suffers from manufacturing variation

Antenna connectivity is tricky because antennas are sensitive. We acquired a set of Nintendo Joy-cons to investigate.

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Instrumental spills the beans on taco assembly

Here at Instrumental, a core cultural value is our love of food. That’s why we've recently expanded to improved the taco assembly line.

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Fortune 500 company uses Instrumental to ship in time for Christmas

Missing a new product’s launch date is every hardware company’s nightmare—from the executives to the engineers monitoring the assembly line. No matter how experienced the team you’ve assembled, there are bound to be issues that arise—and having the best failure analysis tools can be the difference between salvaging a tough situation and missing Christmas.

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The Shedletsky Test: 12 steps to better hardware development

What are the elements of a good hardware development process?

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