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Machine Vision 01
Machine vision vs. manual inspection vs. Instrumental

Get a clear breakdown of electronics quality inspection options and compare machine vision systems, manual inspection, and modern AI solutions.

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PDF Exports 02
Introducing PDF report exports

Instrumental users now have the ability to export PDF issue reports on demand. Use these reports to communicate about important defects, provide status updates, and more!

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Technology Pioneers Hero
World Economic Forum Recognizes Instrumental as a Technology Pioneer

Instrumental is selected by the World Economic Forum as a 2020 Technology Pioneer for contributions in the field of artificial intelligence and supporting the manufacturing industry by providing remote oversight during COVID-19.

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FLAN 800x450
FLIR discovered and intercepted quality issues in ramp in real-time without travel

Instrumental enabled FLIR to find and fix issues without travel during development and ramp of the FLIR ONE thermal camera.

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Engineering girl
Due to COVID-19, manufacturing will experience five years of innovation in the next 18 months

Manufacturing must innovate to address COVID-19 problems. Technologies like the cloud, artificial intelligence, and automation have an immediate opportunity for positive impact.

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The Center for Data Innovation interviews the CEO of Instrumental

Hodan Omaar from The Center for Data Innovation interviews Anna-Katrina Shedletsky about the impacts of COVID-19 and AI on the manufacturing industry.

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The COVID-19 problems that will force manufacturing to innovate

Manufacturing must solve COVID-19 challenges like disrupted supply chains and loss of oversight – here's the priority list.

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Instrumental Fortune 100 use case
Manufacturing during COVID-19: How a Fortune 100 electronics company maintains oversight

Learn how Instrumental significantly reduced scrap costs and maintained oversight during production without travel.

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