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Manufacturing during COVID-19: How a Fortune 100 electronics company maintains oversight

Learn how Instrumental significantly reduced scrap costs and maintained oversight during production without travel.

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Builds without engineers: How 5 customers thrive without factory travel

Learn how 5 customers used Instrumental as "eyes on the line" during NPI, ramp, and production – enabling them to find and fix issues from anywhere.

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Work from home tips for engineers that build things

Top remote work tips for mechanical engineers and other manufacturers impacted by COVID-19 – from the ideal CAD setup to getting eyes on your factory line.

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The data that takes the luck out of EVT, DVT, & PVT

During development, discovering issues and closing the failure analysis loop often relies on luck. Instrumental takes luck out of the equation by getting engineers the data they need when they need it.

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NPI failure analysis from anywhere: HQ, home, or the factory

Instrumental enables remote work during NPI by giving engineers access to the data they need during EVT, DVT, and PVT.

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Build Better 2020: Manufacturing optimization strategies

Videos from Build Better 2020, the industry's Manufacturing Optimization event, is now public – learn about increasing pressure on manufacturing, Valve's fully automated line, and more by watching exclusive videos from the event.

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Coronavirus: The shifted plans and ripple effects in manufacturing

As the Coronavirus hits manufacturing hard, companies scramble to make plans that protect their people and business objectives.

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Three trends driving electronics manufacturing in 2020

Facing new constraints like post-tariff distributed supply chains and the Coronavirus, where will manufacturers invest their resources in order to optimize and support their teams in 2020? Here's our prediction.

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