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How to Detect Defects Using AI (from Nanalyze)

Nanalyze shares how Instrumental's AI stands apart from other companies tackling industrial vision.

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Former Apple engineers working with Motorola to stamp out manufacturing defects (via CNBC)

Instrumental announces its partnership with Motorola Mobility to accelerate the smartphone development process.

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Made in China? Three trends driving electronics manufacturing in 2019

The very nature of manufacturing itself is shifting, driven by technology, changing attitudes, and U.S. tariffs on goods made in China.

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Five factors putting pressure on manufacturers to do better (Video)

Earlier in November, Anna spoke at ID Tech Ex 2018. Here's a reprise of her talk on why it's actually gotten harder to build great products, and what to do about it.

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Instrumental featured as one of The Information's Startups to Watch

Instrumental was honored as one of The Information's Startups to Watch.

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Listen to your customers: leverage TWR data to build better products

Here's how to tap into an under-utilized source of data that can increase margins in the short term and yield learnings for the long term.

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​CEO Anna Shedletsky speaks with The Prepared

Listen to this podcast to about defects, better outcomes, and buzzwords.

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Clandestine chips are the perfect hack and technology needs to catch up

Clandestine chips would be easy to insert into the design process and difficult to detect. How should supply chains protect against this new alleged attack vector?

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