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Shining light on dark yield

Whether it’s clandestine chips, counterfeit parts, or simple quality escapes, dark yield has very real bottom line impact.

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Could spies actually insert malicious chips into computer circuit boards? A manufacturing expert says it's possible

Whether spy chips were actually found on server circuit boards or not, "we have to act like it is true to solve the problem," says CEO Anna-Katrina Shedletsky.

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Instrumental manufacturing intelligence technology expands rapidly, hires COO to scale

Keith Lucas joins Instrumental as COO as adoption of Instrumental technology increases

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Identifying user needs is Instrumental

Jeremy Intal, a Product intern at Instrumental this summer, shares his experience helping define customer value to drive product decisions.

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A summer of Instrumental industry research

Aaron Dharna describes his summer internship doing machine learning research at Instrumental

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Amazon reviews are the new manufacturing KPI that no one is talking about

It's hard enough to ship high quality product in high volume – Amazon reviews make it so hardware brands and manufacturers have to be perfect.

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Best Practices: How to use and abuse categories and tags

Categories and tags are advanced Instrumental features that can help you to organize and prioritize your work.

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Case Study: August Home locks down quality with Instrumental

Find out how the August Home team eliminated dark yield issues during development to support better production.

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