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Instrumental CEO, Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, named 2019 Top Woman in Cloud

This is the first time a manufacturing-focused organization has made the prestigious list, representing a larger shift in the manufacturing market.

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Motorola Uses Machine Learning to Boost Quality (via Automation World)

Automation World shares how Instrumental's software puts machine learning in the hands of mechanical engineers.

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How to Detect Defects Using AI (from Nanalyze)

Nanalyze shares how Instrumental's AI stands apart from other companies tackling industrial vision.

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Former Apple engineers working with Motorola to stamp out manufacturing defects (via CNBC)

Instrumental announces its partnership with Motorola Mobility to accelerate the smartphone development process.

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Instrumental featured as one of The Information's Startups to Watch

Instrumental was honored as one of The Information's Startups to Watch.

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​CEO Anna Shedletsky speaks with The Prepared

Listen to this podcast to about defects, better outcomes, and buzzwords.

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Could spies actually insert malicious chips into computer circuit boards? A manufacturing expert says it's possible

Whether spy chips were actually found on server circuit boards or not, "we have to act like it is true to solve the problem," says CEO Anna-Katrina Shedletsky.

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Instrumental manufacturing intelligence technology expands rapidly, hires COO to scale

Keith Lucas joins Instrumental as COO as adoption of Instrumental technology increases

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