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Spend your quality dollars in development to reap the rewards in production

There’s a common misperception that quality dollars should be spent to improve the mass production process. After all, the design is locked and those units will end up in customer hands, right?

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Instrumental spills the beans on taco assembly

Here at Instrumental, a core cultural value is our love of food. That’s why we've recently expanded to improved the taco assembly line.

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The Shedletsky Test: 12 Steps to Better Hardware Development

What are the elements of a good hardware development process?

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Measurement time machine: Avoiding 5 manufacturing panic scenarios

Recently we announced Instrumental Measure, the first tool that enables hardware engineers to measure almost any dimension from any stage of assembly of any unit, at any time, without physical access to the unit or factory. 

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Announcing Instrumental Measure: Measure whatever, from wherever, whenever

Instrumental Measure, measurements on the assembly line without trade-offs.

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Be thankful for your issues list

Earlier this week, I ran into an investor seeking words of encouragement on behalf of a talented team working through multiple layers of issues on an already delayed product.  “Is there some story you could tell me, that could help them not get discouraged?” he asked.

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How to scale manufacturing like Apple, without their massive resources

Everyone admires the quality of products from industry leaders like Apple. While you may not be able to manufacture like Apple, we often hear from product leaders who are trying to figure out how their organization can keep top-notch quality into mass production. 

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