Building better products starts with better data

Instrumental's manufacturing platform transforms data captured on assembly lines into insights that increase speed, reduce costs, and improve quality.

Instrumental aggregates images from across the supply chain and uses machine learning to identify defects in real-time, whether they were anticipated or not. This accelerates issue discovery and diagnostics for the development phase and enables unprecedented visibility into process health during production.

Your cameras or ours, on the factory floor
Traceability, monitoring, and insights wherever you are

Unprecedented traceability and visibility into manufacturing processes

Traceable Photos from the Line

Want better products? Get your engineers better, real-time data. Instrumental breaks down the traditional barriers that slow engineering feedback loops. We collect traceable images from key states of assembly throughout your supply chain and make them immediately available and accessible from anywhere.

On its own, a pile of photos is just a pile of photos. But when combined with Instrumental's powerful software tools, engineers can cut hours, days, and weeks out of the failure analysis process. They can discover new issues, immediately understand which specific units are impacted whether they were built yesterday or weeks ago, and setup persistent tests to identify both known and unknown issues moving forward.

Instrumental can provide high quality imaging systems that are ready to go in days or be used to augment your existing camera setups.

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Retroactive and Proactive Tests in Minutes

Traditional vision systems require you to know in advance what defects you’re looking for and to produce large numbers of golden and defect samples. As a result, they will miss issues that are obvious – causing rework and even returns.

Instrumental is fundamentally different: our algorithms use machine learning to understand what kind of variation is normal, and to highlight difference whether it was anticipated or not. This means Instrumental can catch defects that its never seen before. Our algorithms are designed for development (they start working with only 30 samples) and proven to be reliable even on demanding mass production lines.

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All that matters is better business outcomes.

Better development means better production

During new product development, engineers use Instrumental technology to discover unanticipated defects early, solve problems twice as fast, and collaborate more effectively on global teams.

Better production leads to higher margins and happier customers

In the ramp and production stage, operations teams use Instrumental technology to improve final yield and eliminate costly rework, protect their end users from quality shifts caused by operator turnover or unanticipated changes, and correct field issues in days instead of weeks.

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Intercept issues when they happen

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Identify root cause quickly

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Accelerate yield during ramp

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Iterate faster than ever

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Monitor and set specifications remotely

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Keep global teams on the same page

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Real Business Outcomes

Programs that used Instrumental during development ramped faster than products that did not use it.

Lyon Wang, Director of Engineering and NPI
Lyon Wang, Director of Engineering and NPI
Motorola Mobility

Without Instrumental, we would not have found the issues on time – some of them we would have never found [until our customers did].

Marcel Tremblay, Director of Mechanical Engineering
Marcel Tremblay, Director of Mechanical Engineering
FLIR Systems

[Identifying a specific defect] would not have been possible without Instrumental’s visual data – we saved many man hours and time in China.

David Platner, Mechanical Engineer
David Platner, Mechanical Engineer
Motorola Mobility