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Technology for yield acceleration, reduced returns, and improved manufacturing agility – designed by a team that's been there.

Instrumental is a cloud-based data layer that aggregates images from the manufacturing line and provides real-time defect detection, retroactive anomaly review, and 100% traceability to support failure analysis in development and production.

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Software Tools for Hardware Engineers

Hardware development is broken

It allows for quality escape, delays, and poor traceability. Even the most admired companies struggle with today’s processes. Status quo quality control and failure analysis techniques are labor-intensive and bombard engineers with data that isn’t concise enough to be used efficiently.

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Automate defect discovery and failure analysis

Traditional vision systems require you to know in advance what defects you’re looking for. Instrumental helps you find unanticipated issues quickly, without needing to provide golden samples or defect examples. 

Instrumental's machine learning-driven discovery tools allow you to understand the root cause of defects instantly and prevent similar failures from happening again.

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Ship on time every time

A single day of slip in product development schedule could cost millions in lost sales. Move the sliders on our Cost of Delay Calculator to see how much a delay could cost you.

Daily expense: $45,977
Daily sales opportunity lost: $16,447
Daily cost of a delay: $62,424 Add more variables

Click to simulate a build and discover the cost of an unexpected event.

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Cost of parts/tools: $0
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Rapid iteration technology for development and production

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Intercept issues before they spread

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Identify root cause quickly

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Iterate faster than ever

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Monitor and set specifications remotely

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Keep teams aligned around the globe

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