Manufacturing line intelligence that works

Discover issues early. Solve problems faster. Stop delays before they start.

The Instrumental System consists of easy-to-deploy inspection stations and intelligent software tools to help you discover and fix issues on your assembly line, saving time and money.

Hardware on the factory floor
Software wherever you are

Instrumental on Your Line

Automated issue discovery

Our advanced machine learning algorithms provide greater insights with every unit you build, helping you improve your process and product. No golden units or training required.

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Supercharged failure analysis

See snapshots from anywhere or anytime on your line—whenever you want, no matter where you are. See what happened. Take measurements. Fix it remotely.

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Ship on time every time

Time is money. A single day of slip in product development schedule could cost millions in lost sales. Our Cost of Delay Calculator tells you just how much. Move the sliders to see how much delays might cost you.

Daily expense: $45,977
Daily sales opportunity lost: $16,447
Daily cost of a delay: $62,424 Add more variables

Click to simulate a build and discover the cost of an unexpected event.

Perfect ramp!
Cost of parts/tools: $0
Days of delay: 0
Total cost of this delay: $0

Practical Benefits

Identify defective units automatically

Instrumental’s automated anomaly detection helps you discover issues earlier, so you can fix them in time for production. Inspect hundreds of units in just seconds. Spend your time where it matters most: fixing these issues for good.

Start failure analysis immediately

Review images of your in-process units online. Get measurements right away, without physical access to units. Act on insights immediately — before delays pile up.

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Triage defective units automatically

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Identify root cause in minutes

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Restart downed line hours or days faster

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Test hypotheses without building more units

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Monitor and set specifications remotely

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Keep teams aligned around the globe

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