Tools for Failure Detection and Analysis

Give your engineers the tools they need to do their best work on time.

Tools to Streamline Development and Production

Our solutions combine easy-to-deploy inspection stations with intelligent software that helps engineering teams discover and fix issues quickly on the assembly line, whether they’re in development or mass production.

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Instrumental Dev is used by engineering teams to accelerate issue discovery and iteration during hardware development.

Discover issues traditional systems can’t

Easily compare photos of units and automatically analyze batches of units for defects. With Instrumental Dev, you can prevent delays and enter mass production with confidence.

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Supercharge failure analysis

Track down defective units based on serial number, build date, or stage of assembly. Quickly find other units with the same defect, and virtually disassemble them to confirm your hunch. Instrumental Dev speeds up your investigations and helps you iterate faster than ever.

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Stay on top of issues

Set up defect detection tests in seconds without failure samples or golden units. Use offline tests to keep an eye on defects over time, or live tests to halt defective units right on the line.

Get a demo and see how Instrumental Dev fits into your workflow.

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Instrumental MP is used by operations teams to identify yield improvement opportunities, reduce rework, and monitor for quality shifts.

Identify, track, and eliminate defects

Our machine learning algorithms help you find unanticipated issues quickly by ranking anomalous units while ignoring normal variation. You define a pass-fail threshold to set up tests so you can keep track of and eliminate those issues.

Intercept issues

Stop defective units right on the line with visual tests that catch shifted parts, missing screws, and unexpected issues. By finding defects when they are still easy to fix, you can reduce scrap and rework costs, and have visibility into areas where you can improve design and process.

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The unit on the left has window contamination; the one on the right is defect-free and will pass the visual test.

Protect yields

Functional tests don’t prevent all issues, creating field liability. With Instrumental MP, you won't have to worry about defective units making it into customers’ hands.

Instrumental MP is deployed by multiple Fortune 500 companies to protect their customers from defects that other functional tests don't catch. Instrumental MP is primarily available to customers of Instrumental Dev—contact us to design a solution for you.