Traceable data with tools to find and fix issues fast

From development to production, Instrumental provides unprecedented traceability and visibility into your product's quality and assembly processes.

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Streamline Development and Production

Our solution combines easy-to-deploy inspection stations with intelligent software that helps engineering and operations teams discover, fix, and monitor issues on the assembly line.

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Typically deployed at EVT, Instrumental Dev is used by engineering teams to accelerate issue discovery, failure analysis, and corrective actions during the hardware development process.

Always be in the right place at the right time

Instrumental collects, aggregates, and analyzes images of 100% of units. Instead of spending hours standing on the assembly line trying to be in the right place at the right time to discover new issues, engineers can leverage Instrumental's powerful anomaly detection tools to quickly highlight the most interesting units for them. With just one click, engineers can dive in deeper to see the full context provided by a 20 megapixel image.

With Instrumental Dev, engineers spend more time solving problems and less time looking for them – they report they are twice as efficient during their time in the factory and find an average of twenty issues they claim they would not have found until production.

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Supercharge failure analysis

Track down defective units based on serial number, build date, or stage of assembly. Quickly find other units with the same defect, and virtually disassemble them to confirm. Instrumental Dev speeds up your failure analysis process, helping your team make the most of each development iteration. Achieving higher levels of product maturity in the scheduled development builds results in smoother production ramps and overall lower costs.

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Stay on top of issues, from anywhere

Set up defect detection tests in seconds, even without failure samples or golden units. Use offline tests to keep an eye on defects over time, or live tests to intercept defective units right on the line. Monitor your product and build progress from anywhere, in real-time.

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Production is supposed to be "fixed" and "stable", but it's inherently not. Operators turn over, upstream vendors have quality shifts, whether we like it or not, production is a constant battle against quality regression. Instrumental MP is used by operations and manufacturing teams to save rework costs, prevent quality escapes, and accelerate responses to line down or field failure analysis.

Shift happens. Manage it better.

In production, small shifts can cause issues from development to reoccur or new failure modes to emerge. Manufacturing engineers may try to manage these issues by augmenting with human inspection, but human inspectors can miss as many as 80% of true defects, even when well-trained.

Instrumental starts with a known defect list from Instrumental Dev or a short training period that can grow over time, without adding cycle time or headcount. Instrumental algorithms are also able to find new, unanticipated issues, something traditional vision systems cannot do.

Instead of a checklist of five items that a human inspector might have, Instrumental can check 25 or even more. Instrumental's machine learning algorithms are constantly improving and protecting against new failure modes in a non-subjective, repeatable way.

Improve yields and return rates

Intercept new and reoccurring failure modes like parts that are missing, shifted, or damaged, contamination that will compromise water seals, and much more.

Instrumental finds defects when they are easy to fix, reducing scrap and rework costs that can save dollars per unit. Instrumental also intercepts units with defects that performance test stations cannot, protecting your customers from quality escapes and providing your team with clarity into the true yield of the process.

New Instrumental customers have been shocked to find that they were shipping as many as 2% of units with defect modes that Instrumental can catch. What are you shipping?

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The unit on the left has window contamination; the one on the right is defect-free and will pass the visual test.

Agility for the worst of times

When lines go down or a hardware issue is discovered in the field, Instrumental's 100% data record enables you to respond fast. The same great tools that accelerate failure analysis in development work for production, except now every minute counts.

Instrumental MP is for companies that prioritize customer quality and brand perception. Our customers have found Instrumental MP to be win-win: giving end users a better experience, while saving money. We can integrate into existing lines and provide audits for mature lines — contact us to design a solution for you.