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Learn how Instrumental improves quality, reduces time to market, and adds to the bottom line.

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Builds without engineers: How Instrumental customers are thriving without travel

Instrumental’s product and data has become a core strategic asset while teams are unable to freely travel to factories or suppliers in NPI, ramp, and production.

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Motorola Accelerates Product Maturity During Development

Motorola sees significant efficiency gains by implementing Instrumental on its entire line of mobile phones.

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August Locks Down Quality with Instrumental

August engineers use Instrumental Dev to discover and fix unexpected issues on 10% of their development units.

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Light Focuses on the Details with Instrumental

Light uses the Instrumental System to deliver exceptional quality on their flagship L16 camera, despite a factory shakeup.

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FLIR® Supercharges Development of New Generation Thermal Cameras

FLIR works with Instrumental to enhance product quality and bring a new factory up to mass production.

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Withings Takes Efficiency to the Next Level with Instrumental

Withings teams up with Instrumental to speed through development and delight customers with their new sleep tracker.

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Fortune 500 company uses Instrumental to ship in time for Christmas

A Fortune 500 company uses Instrumental to solve a ramp-blocking issue. Where other methods failed to provide definitive root cause, Instrumental came through almost immediately.

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Pearl Auto Goes Big on Quality with Instrumental

Pearl Auto embraces Instrumental’s advanced quality system, enabling a small team to go big on quality.

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What Our Customers Say

We typically speed through NPI knowing we'll have defects to fix in MP. With Instrumental we were able to detect and fix problems a lot faster in NPI, resulting in a much smoother MP.

Francois Vailland, Industrialization Team Leader
Francois Vailland, Industrialization Team Leader
Withings (Nokia Health)

Did we improve the quality of the final product with the Instrumental system? The answer is yes! Without the immediate data collection and subsequent analysis, we would not have found and solved the issues on time. Some of the issues we may never have found. I am very happy to have Instrumental on the line.

Marcel Tremblay, Director of Mechanical Engineering
Marcel Tremblay, Director of Mechanical Engineering

The Instrumental system was especially helpful in failure analyses of early prototypes; being able to find anomalies with screws, gaskets, and insulating structures, where before there was no automated test to be able to catch that kind of thing. Instrumental allowed us to quickly identify the issues early on, prescribe corrective action, and then actually monitor that corrective action on the assembly line.

Brian Gilbert, Senior Director of Hardware Engineering
Brian Gilbert, Senior Director of Hardware Engineering

We were trying to scale manufacturing in an ‘Apple Way’ without the massive operational resources of Apple. Across the board, Instrumental saved us time by giving us a really quick feedback loop.

Chrissy Meyer, Director of Hardware Product Development
Chrissy Meyer, Director of Hardware Product Development
Pearl Auto

The Instrumental System built a virtual library of evidence. Instead of worrying what we were missing, we could identify early issues and prevent quality gaps.

Justin, Operations Manager
IOT Home Product Company

I had heard anecdotal evidence that parts were biased, but when I quickly flipped through 20 images I thought: wow, there’s tons of variation and we need to be paying attention.

Claire, Mechanical Engineer
Fortune 500 Company
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