We are Instrumental

Instrumental was founded by two ex-Apple mechanical engineers who know firsthand how difficult it is to develop and build high quality products on time.

Small, unexpected defects result in delayed product launches, lost revenues, and brand damage for even the most admired hardware companies. Current quality inspection and failure analysis techniques are labor-intensive and bombard engineers with data that isn’t concise enough to be used efficiently. Iteration is inhibited, even when engineers think they’re working quickly. At Instrumental, we have a vision of machine-centric manufacturing that allows engineers and operators to do more meaningful work and build high quality products faster than ever.

Instrumental’s equipment captures images of every unit built at multiple points along your assembly line, and our machine learning-driven tools autonomously learn to identify defects. Instrumental provides insightful, actionable data to help engineers iterate rapidly and prevent small issues from turning into big business problems.

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Meet the Instrumentalists

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky


Samuel Weiss


Erem Boto

Engineering Manager

Kris Adler

Software Engineer

Isaac Sukin

Software Engineer

Brendan Green


Simon Kozlov

Machine Learning Engineer

Eric Geniesse

Software Engineer

Ian Theilacker

Mechanical Engineer

Jake Roberts


João Morais

Software Engineer

Stella Mashkevitch

Software Engineer

Rustem Feyzkhanov

Machine Learning Engineer

Keith Lucas


Alex Shvets

Machine Learning Engineer

James Thornton

Machine Learning Engineer

Bridget Chen


Join us and be part of the modernization of manufacturing!