We are Instrumental

We are excited to build a world where the broad use of artificial intelligence transforms human lives for the better by saving massive amounts of human and natural resources. Intelligent manufacturing will change and improve how millions of things we all touch and use every day are made.

With deep product development, software, and manufacturing expertise from the world’s most admired companies — we’re creating manufacturing intelligence that can autonomously sense, learn, and react. Manufacturing ecosystems are complex, so Instrumental Systems are crafted to be simple. We combine intuitive software with lightweight inspection stations that are easy to incorporate into any manual or semi-manual line-flow without slowing you down. We want to get you the information you need to do your best work on time.

Team Demo November 2017Sam, Anna, Jeff and Simon demoing our product

Meet the Instrumentalists

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky


Samuel Weiss


Erem Boto

Software Engineer

Kris Adler

Software Engineer

Isaac Sukin

Software Engineer

Brendan Green


Simon Kozlov

Machine Learning Engineer

Jeff Barnett


Jordan Ricardo


Benjamin Cole


Eric Geniesse

Software Engineer

Janzel Manalansan

Executive Assistant

Roni Zelikson

Software Engineer

Ian Theilacker

Mechanical Engineer

Michael Olague

Infrastructure Engineer

Erik Chen


Cameron Ray


Taishan Zhu


Jake Roberts


Join us and be part of the modernization of manufacturing!