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Unprecedented traceability and visibility of every unit you make accelerates product maturity in development and drives yield improvement in production.


Here’s what will happen next:

  1. We’ll followup within a day to schedule a demo at a time convenient for you.
  2. If you have a specific challenge you’re looking to solve or photographic data to share, please gather that together so we can discuss.
  3. Once we’ve all decided to move forward, our standard lead time to first-data from the line is four to six weeks, depending on line location. Heroic saves are also possible — let us know how we can help!

See how you can leverage Instrumental’s technology to:

  • Have real-time visibility into the top issues and line status for one or multiple factories, from anywhere
  • Get the data you need to improve yields fast, and identify opportunities to reduce rework costs
  • Reduce quality escapes that result in unhappy customers

Used by Leaders in Quality

Using Instrumental [in NPI] has measurably reduced our "time to stability" in ramp.

Lyon W., Factory Operations
Top 10 Mobile Phone Brand

Using Instrumental was like adding six engineers to my team.

Chris Kim
Chris Kim
August Home

We typically speed through NPI knowing we'll have defects to fix in MP. With Instrumental we were able to detect and fix problems a lot faster in NPI, resulting in a much smoother MP.

Francois Vailland, Industrialization Team Leader
Francois Vailland, Industrialization Team Leader
Withings (Nokia Health)

Our yields are high – but this yield does not capture the reality of our process because we get lots of returned units. Our test stations and reliability tests do not catch these units, but photos can provide evidence to support root cause and corrective action.

Stephen P., Operations
Consumer Electronics Company